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Recent very welcome rains in the Southern Highlands, Wollondilly, Macarthur and Hawkesbury have thrown caution to the wind and given us some challenges that were largely forgotten after such an intens...
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New Growth Who's This?

Ironmines Veterinary Clinic Mittagnong Lumps and your pet A lot of things can come to mind when you hear the word lump. finding one on your pet can be frightening. Skin growths, whether malignant o...
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VacciNOtion- The facts on vaccination.

Why do should I vaccinate my pet? Prevent disease in your pets Some diseases prevented by vaccination can cause severe illness and poor welfare in animals and in some instances can be life-thre...
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Keeping your oldies comfortable this winter

Winter is coming! As the weather cools down you may notice that your pet is a little slower to get up in the mornings. This could be a sign of underlying osteoarthritis. Other signs associated with os...
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Droughts, Floods and Three Day Sickness

As the Second wind of the drought bears down on the Sydney basin (Camden, Hawkesbury, Macarthur) and the Southern Highlands, we look to Autumn for some reprieve. Decreased daytime maximum temperature...
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Easter Chocolates and your pet

While most people prepare themselves for a short break over Easter, here at the vet clinic, we prepare ourselves for chocolate toxicity in dogs. Most people are aware that chocolate isn’t good ...
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Easter Lilies

For most, Lilies are known for their beauty but to vets they are known for their potential toxic effects. The Liliaceae or lily family is large and diverse. Within this family there are multiple gener...
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