Cattle Pregnancy Diagnosis with ultrasound

Traditionally cattle have been pregnancy tested with the hand of a skilled veterinarian. In recent years ultrasonography has allowed vets to be able to determine pregnancy to earlier and earlier dates. Typically our ultrasound can allow us to confirm a pregnancy from 30 days.


A typical cattle pregnancy at 32 days as seen on an ultrasound.


The benefit of pregnancy diagnosis is to allow farm managers to better use their cows. If a cow is not pregnant it’s costing you money and eating the grass that is required by the cows growing future calves. Accurate pregnancy diagnosis allows you to decide if is best to cull the cow or rejoin the empty cows with a bull. Additionally, farmers can separate early and late pregnancies into separate mobs to allow for more specific management.  Pregnancy diagnosis also can help determine fertility problems if pregnancy diagnosis rates are low. 


The team from left to right of Dr Bob, Dr Tony and Dr Joey using a combination of manual and ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis