Pet Insurance


Pet insurance is becoming more and more popular in Australia. It offers you peace of mind as it covers some or all of the treatment costs if your pet was ever involved in an accident or suffers a sudden illness. There is no equivalent of Medicare for pets, thus often treatment costs exceed what an equivalent problem would cost for a human patient. It is a heartbreaking situation to have to choose between the health of your pet and financial constraints, so for peace of mind we strongly recommend that your pet is insured.

There are several companies that offer pet insurance but generally insurance cover options are broken down into two categories. ‘Accident Cover’ is designed to cover treatment fees as a result of an accident eg broken bone from being hit by a car or a snake bite. These covers tend to be more affordable but cover less services. The second category is ‘Accident and Illness Cover’ which covers the same things as accident cover but also will help cover expenses for medical procedures and diagnostics for complex medical cases or ongoing diseases like Diabetes, Heart failure and Cushing’s disease.

At Ironmines Veterinary Clinic we believe that ‘Accident and Illness Cover’ gives greater piece of mind to you as a pet owner. However you need to consider the differences between policies, in particular the claim excess amount, proportion of treatment costs covered, annual claim limit, age restrictions, pre-existing illness exclusions and policy costs.

We highly recommend pet insurance and encourage you to discuss it with us at your next visit.