X-rays and Ultrasound

Ironmines Vet Clinic is equipped to take radiographs (x-rays) and ultrasounds. Our pets cannot tell the veterinarian why they feel sick or where it might hurt and further imaging allows us make a diagnosis. Radiographs are particularly useful for conditions involving bones, the chest or abdomen. Ultrasounds are more useful at assessing soft tissue organs like the liver, spleen, kidneys or bladder.

Ultrasound showing a pregnancy 28 days post mating in a dog

Both procedures are not painful or will not hurt your animal. To get the best results we often will sedate or anaesthetize your pet to enable us to keep the animal still or enable us to manipulate the limbs in a way that may normally be uncomfortable for your animal. If your animal is undergoing an ultrasound an area of hair may be clipped, this allows better contact between the ultrasound probe and a clearer image.

Non emergency cases requiring diagnostic imaging will often be admitted into the hospital for the day and discharged at the end of the day. If the veterinarian has recommended a general anaesthetic, then ensure your pet does not eat breakfast on the morning of admission.

 At Ironmines Vet Clinic we can do the following:

  • X-ray broken bones or dislocated joints
  • X-ray the chest to look for causes of coughing or to assess the size of the heart
  • X-ray for Hip and Elbow scoring in dogs
  • Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy
  • Ultrasound to examine the internal organs of the abdomen

Digital xray showing a dislocated hip